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Rug Cleaning Orange County

Same Day Rug Cleaning Orange County

Dr. Carpet Laguna Hills is a leading specialist when it comes to rug cleaning Orange County. We ensure that oriental rugs are cleaned properly and thoroughly to ensure its durability and lifespan. Over time, the rugs will

accumulate dust whether installed anywhere in the room. Dr. Carpet Laguna Hills will handle all the rug cleaning service in Orange County.

When To Hire A Professional Rug Cleaning Service?

Ideally, the rug cleaning Orange County must be done at least once a year. If it is a high traffic area, it isrecommended to be cleaned twice a year. To know when the oriental rug needs cleaning, just rub your hand onto it. The dust will be flying all over, and this is where Dr. Carpet Laguna hills cleaners come in. We will use

the latest equipment and techniques for the cleaning. Mild detergents are also used for the safety of everyone. Stains are removed, and the cleaning frequency is determined.

The Rug Cleaning Service

High quality oriental rugs need professional rug cleaning Orange County services. Dr. Carpet Laguna Hills don’t recommend using chemicals for the rug cleaning as it can damage the rug fibers. We use eco friendly cleaning solutions and proper cleaning materials to ensure the quality will remain the same. We alsoensure a dust-free environment once the rug is washed and dried. We promise to restore the rug’s original color and luster, while leaving it fresh and clean. We have certain techniques applied to provide quality cleaning experience.

Dr. Carpet is the best rug cleaning service for high quality oriental rugs, especially if it’s made of wool or silk.

We have the expertise to do the rug cleaning Orange County. We will start by vacuuming the dust and washing it with cool water and mild detergent. Let it dry flat without exposing it to direct sunlight.

For more information about our rug cleaning Orange County, please contact Dr. Carpet Laguna Hills.

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